Qu Leilei 曲磊磊


Qu Leilei, born in 1951 in Hei Longjiang, founding member of the Stars Group. Currently he is working and living in London.

Stars Group is the first ever contemporary art movement to appear in China creating a new challenging artistic language. Regarded as one of China’s leading contemporary artists, he has created four major projects in form of a combination of paintings and installations: ‘The First Half of My Life’, ‘Brush, Ink, Light, Shadow’, ‘Here and Now – to Face a New Century’ and ‘Everyone’s Life is an Epic’. These have been exhibited both nationally and internationally at venues including The British Museum, the Ashmolean Museum, The National Art Museum of China, the Venice Biennale, and the Beijing Biennale. His works – “Lei Feng” of “Empires” Series and “Journey” of “Facing The Future” Series were added to The British Museum's collection in 2015.