Wang Jieyin, born in 1941. Now he is working and living in Shanghai.


In Wang Jieyin’s hands, the painted surface generates a fresh yet shadowy placenta marked by the naive compositions and ancient colour tones of the murals of Dunhuang, and the swaying of flowers in the height of bloom. The silhouette-like composition calls to mind the simplicity of Matisse’s late period paper cutouts, but also evoke the turbulent folds of clothing in figure painting. Wang Jieyin’s works embody the allure of Chinese contemporary painting in their ability to integrate fields of Western abstraction with the freehand line of Chinese tradition in a naively romantic and vividly poetic fashion, thus reviving the phantom beauty of nature by mending the rifts in time between fashion and timelessness, profundity and fascination, ancientness and sensuality.


Wang Jieyin’s works have been exhibited around the world, and collected by such important institutions as Musee de Gravellines, Bibliothèque nationale de France, USC Pacific Asia Museum, Portland Art Museum, National Art Museum of China, Shanghai Long Museum etc.