Li Lei was born in 1965 in Shanghai, where he now lives and works. Li is the former Executive Director of China Art Museum, Shanghai (Shanghai Art Museum) and a Professor at Tongji University. He also works as National First-Class Artist, the Deputy Director of Experimental Art Council in the China Artists Association and is a Visiting Professor at the Fine Art College of Shanghai University.


For over 20 years Li Lei has been engaged in the creation of, and research into, Chinese abstract art. He has endeavoured to combine the core concepts of Chinese culture with the international language of mature abstract art and to create a path for abstract art in China. His painting series includes Zen Flower, Drunken Lake, Shanghai Flower, Memories of Southand The Flame of Pompeii. In 2014, he began to experiment with space integration art, taking spatial narrative, spatial expression and spatial analysis as objectives of his dramatic visual practice. The development in Li Lei’s painting style has been identified as “philosophically eclectic and moderate”, a distinctively Chinese kind of poetic abstraction.