Hung Yi was born in 1970 in Taichung, Taiwan. He was once an owner of nine restaurants. At the age of 30, he decided to live his life as an artist when he was nominated as the artist of "Stock 20 in Taichung Railway Station" (2002). He has held many exhibitions in Taiwan, China, USA, Japan and Korea.


Hung’s work is inspired by his surroundings and life experiences. He uses bright primary colours such as red, yellow, blue and green, which are bold and lively. His spontaneous and original style create a unique visual language for Taiwan, which represent the local culture. Smooth lines, colours, happiness and narrative composition are the characteristics of his works.


In Hung’s sculptural world, animals and humans are friends. He takes the inspiration from daily life and gives new meanings to the animals. Through steel moldings and colours, Hung created a visual language to convey the concept of sharing. “Art is life” is aptly reflected in Hung Yi’s sculptures. He performs his art in a way of personification hoping to evoke people’s feeling of pureness through his imaginary organism.  He deeply believes that art has great power to bring much happiness to the society.


Hung Yi's major solo exhibitions include the "Art in Taiwan, Interesting Taiwan" (2004, Taipei), "Life in the World" (2002, Taipei), and "Meet Hung Yi" (2008, Taipei). Besides works shown in exhibitions, his works can also be seen in many public art locations.