KO graduated in the early 1980s from Hong Kong Polytechnic's Department of Industrial Design and worked as an electronic product design consultant. In 2006 she started a diploma course of Chinese Ink Painting in The University of Hong Kong School of Professional and Continuing Education, majoring in Landscape and Figure Painting. After graduating she continued contemporary cityscape painting under the tutelage of Mr. Hung Hoi. In 2013, she completed the Master of Fine Arts program at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, conferred in conjunction with the Hong Kong Art School, and was then invited by the Hong Kong Art School to run an annual artist talk to MFA and BA students on her graduation project 'Ma Wan Landscape: from Distance and Up Close'. It was this thesis that has also been collected by the library of the University of Hong Kong and Asia Art Archive. Ko's artistic practice is driven by her love for ink painting, and the paintings illustrate atmospheric cityscapes and airy expressions of environments using meticulous techniques and mono colour schemes.