Huang Guanyu 黃冠余


Born in Beijing in 1945, Huang Guanyu’s family is native to Guangdong Nanhai. Huang graduated from Central Academy of Craft Art in 1969, and was the student of renowned artist Wu Guanzhong, a leading figure in the modernisation of Chinese paintings.

Huang was the member of Tongdairen Group which advocated in creative independence and self-expression during the oppressive era of Cultural Revolution. In 1984, he was awarded Work of Excellence in the National Art Exhibition. Huang was also active in the art circles in America and Europe, and had a solo exhibition in the University of Chicago. After returning to China, Huang never ceased to explore the unique artistic language in his oil paintings, his early works such as Jiannan, The Young, Region of Rivers and Lakes, Autumn Fruit are emblematic of the artist’s personal style which reflects Chinese modern aesthetics in its semi-representative imagery.

Huang receded from the art scene for more than a decade to search for his own path, and his recent quasi-abstract works, which mainly feature silhouettes of lotus and trees rendered in all-over compositions, are testimony to his innovative spirit. His works are collected by influential institutions such as National Art Museum of China, Today Art Museum in Beijing and MGM Cotai Chairman's Collection (Macau).