After Nature: Part II: Francis Davison X Yu Yang X Hong Kong artists

18 June - 30 July 2021

After Nature II features renowned British artist Francis Davison together with Chinese ink artist Yu Yang, and four outstanding Hong Kong artists – Chloe Ho, Kassia Ko, Victor Wong and Jaffa Lam. Hong Kong’s art and in particular its ink, is a unique creation of the city’s cultural and physical ecology, encapsulating its people, landscape, a liminal point between cultures. Experiencing the historic impact of our post-colonial era, towards an unknown future within the digital age, we will examine how this distinctively east Asian artistic medium of ink is used to both express local identities and to question global concerns.


In Davison’s elegant and sophisticated paper collages, the artist has never used a straight line. As English art critic John Ruskin once said: “there are no straight lines in nature”. Yu Yang’s works on ink and paper on wood, combine the notion of ‘cold ink’ and ink art from the east, striving to construct a new artistic language to renew perceptions on the aesthetic tradition of ink art. Chloe Ho, Kassia Ko and Jaffa Lam share traditional expressions of modernity alongside award-winning tech-ink artist Victor Wong and his invention A.I. Gemini, the world’s first artificial intelligence ink artist.

Installation Views