INK NOW Shanghai: Inquiry on water

1 November 2019 - 31 January 2020 Art Fairs


Hsiao Chin | Wang Jieyin | Wang Huangsheng | Li Lei | Sophie Chang | Victor Wong


Liu Kuosung | Qiu Deshu | Wang Tiande | Hsu Yungchin | Ren Tianjin


Venue: Suning Art Museum, Shanghai


3812 Gallery is immensely proud of showing a selection of brilliant artworks by our represented artists, including Hsiao Chin, Wang Jieyin, Wang Huangsheng, Li Lei, Sophie Chang and Victor Wong, in the Inquiry on Ink exhibition presented by INK NOW at Suning Art Museum in Shanghai..

Founded by Calvin Hui, who is also Co-founder and Chairman of 3812 Gallery, INK NOW is the world's first cultural brand for the promotion of contemporary ink art. Launching its Shanghai edition in collaboration with Suning Art Museum in November 2019, INK NOW presented the inaugural Inquiry on Water exhibition (1 Nov 2019 - 31 Jan 2020) and International Symposium (1, 2 & 9 Nov) during the annual "Shanghai Art Week".


Calvin Hui, Curator of the exhibition, said "it is a great honour to co-present with Suning Art Museum the INK NOW Shanghai Exhibition and Symposium. This inaugural exhibition in the theme of 'Inquiry on Water' establishes a dialogue between contemporary ink and ancient Chinese painting, creating a new direction of 'More than Ink' as advocated by INK NOW, which showcases the diverse medium of ink art creation, including artificial intelligence TECH-iNK conversing with three-dimensional animation interpretation of national treasures. We are also proud to present our international symposium offering an in-depth discussion on various issues of the development of ink art within the context of the global contemporary art world."

With the curated exhibition and symposium programs, INK NOW aims to connect different stakeholders in the industry, including artists and scholars, and foster discussion about the development of ink art from the past to the future.

Installation Views