Art Taipei 2018: Pulse / Thread

26 - 29 October 2018 Art Fairs

ARTIST: Hsiao Chin | Qu Leilei | Liu Guofu | Chloe Ho | Wang Yichu
Venue: Booth K01, Taipei World Trade Center Hall One



3812 Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition Pulse / Thread in Art Taipei 2018. “Pulse” acts as an origin of Chinese ink and spots on its aesthetic concepts and artistic element; while “Thread” functions as traces, providing a comprehensive analysis of the roots of Chinese ink culture. In search of visual language and its market value in the process of cultural transmission, the group exhibition scrutinises the re-constructed continuations and possibilities of ink, as well as the brand-new application of reinterpreting Chinese ink in contemporary discourse.

The group exhibition consists of five solo exhibitions of renowned artists from different backgrounds, including To An Infinite Ascendence by post-war abstraction master Hsiao Chin, enLIGHTenment by Chiaroscuro master Qu Leilei, Phantom Brushstrokes by “Brush Poet” Liu Guofu, Step INK Side by the talented young artist Chloe Ho, and the “New Aesthetic” creator Wang Yichu. Pulse / Thread demonstrates a combination of western abstraction and eastern spirituality, while descriptiveness and realistic style integrates at once. Vivid characters, complex emotions, and profound wisdom are appealingly expressed through these artworks. Lines, forms, textures, and the inner spirit of ink art are the inexhaustible foundation on their works; color, shapes, and perception in Western paintings enlighten a new alternative visual language. The West moves while the East stands still. Once they complement each other, the “Creative Transmission” is authentically achieved. Under the integration of the East and West, artistic elements are deconstructed and re-constructed, visual contents are reformed in the simplest stage by new visual dialogue, recalling the initial “Pulse / Thread”.

Installation Views