ARTicle | Inking the Way to the Heavens - Wei Ligang on Chloe Ho

November 2, 2020
Chloe Ho painting in Wei Ligang's studio
Chloe Ho painting in Wei Ligang's studio

'Chloe Ho’s razor-sharp portrayal of characters carries a depth and meaning that are far greater than the sum of its parts. I simply applaud such great skills and virtuosity. When she was invited to Wei Li Gang studios in Beijing in the winter of 2013 the spectacle of her moving the long-handled brush with such energy and supreme control, producing masterpiece after masterpiece, was simply stunning. I was totally awestruck by such a divine performance.'


Chloe Ho, Nature Embodied #15, 2013, Chinese ink and acrylic on rice paper, 178 x 96.5 cm


Wei Ligang, Wisteria Sinensis, 2000, Ink and colour on paper, 68.5 x 135.5 cm, Courtesy of The British Museum


Wei Ligang on Ink Eruption: 'The contrast between the coloured orchids and the black flower beside is simply stunning. It is almost like bright sun and darkness are vying for attention at the same time, and different elements of nature poised on the surface of a shiny lake. It reminds me of a saying “the wise like to clean parasol trees and the learned like lotuses". The flower depicted here is simply planted in heavenly soil of Chloe’s mind. The black and the red are intertwined in such a subtle and abstract manner that they makes us think of the fusion of waves of constituents that make up this world. This painting reminds me of two famous poetry lines: “My sorrowful heart yearns for the broad outside world” (Lu Xun) and “we pass by a thousand galaxies everyday” (Mao Zedong). The ripples of Chloe’s convoluted thoughts and her wonderful creation crafted in front of Victoria Harbour transcend the very high mountains in China.'


Chloe Ho, Ink Eruption, 2017, Chinese ink, acrylic and coffee on rice paper, 159 x 131 cm


'Amidst the coolness of the night in the capital city, when stars are few, clouds are rolling and birds have gone to rest, Chloe’s

artistic missives brings joyful agitation to my heart. To be engrossed and inspired by such masterpieces is a pure bliss, a leap of ecstasy.'


 Chloe Ho, Beijing Being, 2015, Chinese ink and acrylic on rice paper, 180 x 97 cm


Wei on a similar portrait to Beijing Being: 'This portrayal ... is composed of a series of extremely fine strokes and bolder ones that make all the actors – [person], cigarette, smoke - come alive in this extremely evocative picture. One can even sense the movement of the wisps of smoke winding up into the sky, reminiscent of ancient Chinese calligraphy that leave traces in your heart long after they are gone. Chloe is very fond of strong robust coffee that reminds one of Chinese herbal medicine. She also likes to take a few puffs under the big wrought iron hanging lamp and let those worldly thoughts dissipate into the winds.'



Chloe Ho, Through a Wormhole, 2017, Chinese ink on rice paper, 208 x 300 cm