Pop up Exhibition | 3812 x Rosewood Hong Kong | Searching for Eternity

Timed with art month in Hong Kong, 3812 Gallery and Rosewood Hong Kong join hands to present, Searching for Eternity, an exhibition featuring three Hong Kong female artists; Kassia Ko, Chloe Ho and Jaffa Lam, who, with their distinctive contemporary ink art and installation works, will share their personal memories and perceptions of Hong Kongs's landscape, urban life and nature. Embracing the spectacular scenery of Victoria Harbour, this exhibition at Rosewood Hong Kong inspires a conversation between stories and landscapes of the city.

Perception · Nature

Chinese ink art represents the artist’s perception of the beauty of nature; emotion is their artistic language. Kassia Ko’s paintings express a unique feeling of seclusion, elegance and escapism, capturing an abstract yet poetic serenity of Hong Kong’s natural landscape through her brushstrokes, portraying the artist's sentimental perception.


Entering her ink world fantasy, Chloe Ho’s paintings evolve from themes such as humans, animals, city, nature, and even the universe, through the use of both traditional and contemporary mediums that include Chinese ink, coffee, spray paint, blue ink, acrylics and new technologies. Chloe explores the relationship between human and landscape, as well as the relationship between people in her work, unleashing a vitality of life, with dynamic movements of ink and colour.


Time · Memory

Settling our feelings and memories of the landscape could be regarded as a way of capturing eternity, embracing history, reshaping our memories and imagining the future as another artistic presentation searching for eternity within.


At this pivotal moment, experiencing a shared journey in the pandemic or post-pandemic era, Jaffa Lam shares her memories and hopes towards her hometown through her works. Combining various elements of nature and the city, she is telling stories about her nostalgia for the past, memories of Hong Kong and expectations for the future, by using wood and neon light, the city’s iconic symbol.


Searching for Eternity passes on the memories and beliefs of Hong Kong, to discover new possibilities in the unknown and bring forward “eternity”.

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