Issue 3
Soft Cover

Publisher: 3812 Gallery

Dimensions: 300 x 255 mm

pages: 112

From Gallery to Art Enterprise, From Hong Kong to Global


Since its opening in 2011, 3812 Gallery sees itself as a catalyst for the contemporary expression of the uniqueness of Eastern culture.


In eight years, the gallery has evolved into an art enterprise owing to its diverse approach to the promotion of Chinese contemporary art, the close relationship with artists, scholars and collectors, and most importantly, the understanding that art development and heritage preservation take more than a few white walls in the age of globalisation. From exhibitions in the two 3812 gallery spaces in Hong Kong and London to the newly launched cross-regional venture INK NOW and the diversity of collector events organised by Collect Art, this issue of Collect Art Journal looks into the group’s approach to establishing Chinese identity in the rapidly changing global art scene through multiple platforms.


To understand the future of Chinese contemporary art is to turn it inside out, allowing its traditional core values to interact with current trends locally and internationally, the group’s core value of “Eastern origin in contemporary expression” is not about old and new but the connection and overarching perspective.

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