Issue 1
Soft Cover

Publisher: 3812 Gallery

Dimensions: 300 x 255 mm

pages: 64

Screening History


Collect, an art journal by 3812 Gallery, is devoted to sharing our knowledge and passion in all aspects of art and culture, from art history and artwork analysis to exhibition reviews and insights in the art market. 


It all began with an aimless swiping on the phone screen of endless information. In this era of information overload, things seem to only exist for a split of a second and barely leave a mark in our memory. This art journal is aimed to provide an enjoyable and informative channel for art appreciation, a continuation of profound discussions that often take place in the gallery but hardly anywhere else.


In response to this ever-changing modern society, the first issue focuses on two great masters, Hsiao Chin and Qu Leilei, who resisted blindly conforming to tradition and Westernisation, instead developing their time-honored modern styles that are unique and personal. The featured articles cover the development of contemporary ink art to spotlight these innovative artists who create works while preserving Chinese cultural heritage.


Collect is not a history book but a record of artists and their works which deserve a place in art history.

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