Space Matter

Liu Guofu, Lin Zhuoquan, Wei Qingji, Lin Guocheng, Zhang Xiaodi, Yu Yang, Chen Hongbo, Chloe Ho

‘Space’ is perhaps one of the most widely used abstract notions, ranging from a simple daily expression such as ‘I need more space’ to the heavy-loaded, contested concepts used in political science, philosophy and architecture.


We tend to conceive space as a place where things happen, as opposed to a void. Whether imaginary or physical, spatial representations almost always entail a separation of the outside and inside. At first, this might seem like an unproblematic division. However, we soon run into questions regarding the ‘realness’ of space, for we are able to deconstruct them, break them down and return ourselves to the chaotic state of being we started out with. For the curious minds, this is a confusing but nonetheless tantalising subject of enquiry.

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