Grand Landscape

Wang Jieyin
Soft/Hard cover

Publisher: 3812 Gallery.

Dimensions: 210 x 284 / 218 x 292 mm

pages: 101

The solo exhibition of Wang Jieyin's Grand Landscapes at Hong Kong Arts Centre reveals how a detached and relaxed master contributes to the “original language” of painting and his profound “great love” for nature. In repainting Cézanne and reconstructing the depth of nature, the painter finds new links between observing nature and notions of life. With his own easy and free character and ordinary plainness of painting, alongside his passion for a piece of discarded canvas or Xuan paper, his intuition for the blank parts in ancient landscape and his memory of traces of ancient murals, the artist starts from the primitive manual feeling and black and white tones of his woodprints, and revives an artistic state which is quaint, carefree, magnanimous and fantastic. Through construction with abstract dots and montage of urbanized meandering spaces, the classical vivid spirit resonance and poetic artistic state are expressed in brand new ways in our contemporary age. Through his comprehensive imagination, Wang Jieyin creates implicit tension and eternal poeticism between abstract composition and natural mist, between reminiscence of quaint images and cursive blurriness, between improvisational happenstance and dignified elegance, between carefree play and rhythmic construction, and between a sense of hardship and childlike crudeness. 

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