Artist Diary | Raymond Fung speaks out for the desperate of the Earth with ink

Through the absorbance and transmittance of ink on the paper that depicts the details of the natural scenery

3812: Could you share with us your recent life?


Raymond Fung: Most of my plans were cancelled or postponed due to the virus outbreak, which, however, allows me to enjoy the rare moments of rest when the whole world stops running. It is when everyone stops working day and night that they have a moment to escape from the urban life and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature, hence finding a different kind of happiness. I have found peace of mind in creating art, which encourages me to go back to the studio every day to draw and paint, which I find most relaxing.


3812: Are there any recent accounts that touch or inspire you?


Raymond Fung: Yes, I was touched by the moment when I could finally see the blue sky out there…which sends a rather positive message despite the negativity in society since the outbreak. I believe that as the modern world was rapidly driven by the advent of technology, this abrupt suspension of time allows us to reflect on and pay attention to things in our daily life that were once neglected. In fact, it is practically possible to suspend or slow down our life, but we do not have the control in reality most of the time. Ironically, it is now happening due to the virus.


3812: Do you have any recent works, and the ideas behind them, to share with us?


Raymond Fung: Inspired by the public health crisis recently, I put my focus on the consequence of our collective exploitation of natural resources. I believe these self-destructive behaviours will eventually lead to the end of the world, especially when uncontaminated air is not free anymore. This inspired me to create my new Breathing series to reflect on the current situation. Through the absorbance and transmittance of ink on the paper that depicts the details of the natural scenery, I hope to speak out for the desperate and helpless situation of the Earth.

22 April 2020
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