The Artist as Astronaut: Hsiao Chin: Song Art Museum Beijing

13 March - 13 June 2021

Hsiao Chin is an artist of the world - with histories in China, Europe and the USA. For half a century, he was constantly on the move. But his imagination runs beyond this world into outer space; the universe has been a core theme of his artistic study and practice for much of his career.


This extraordinary imagination connects him profoundly both to the present moment and to the past. This is the era when space and the void are as important to scientists as to philosophers.


The last great moment when outer space preoccupied artists was the late '50s and '60s. Hsiao Chin's great work stretches between these two moments. This exhibition will show Hsiao Chin's work across seven decades - devoting galleries to the 'China' work; the 'Europe' work; the 'US' work; and the 'Outer Space' work. After all, Hsiao Chin has said that he might had been an astronaut if he were not an artist.


In addition to paintings, this exhibition will debut immersive digital art installations which are made specifically for Song’s presentation of Hsiao Chin’s works. It should be viewed as a constitutive part of the exhibition and show his involvement in wider art histories.


This exhibition will identify Hsiao Chin's unique imagination as central to the modern as well as to the contemporary imagination. Let’s rediscover Hsiao Chin in 2021.


Stay tuned for more exciting news of the exhibition.



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