Masterpiece London

30 June - 6 July 2022 Art Fairs, London

For Masterpiece London 2022, 3812 Gallery is proud to present Spirit and Landscape, a curated selection of major landscape works from the last one hundred years. One of the most enduring topics in the history of art, the natural world has inspired artists in Europe for the last several centuries, and those in China for even longer.


The presentation includes pieces by British artists Alfred Wallis, Peter Lanyon and Terry Frost, and Asian artists Hsiao Chin, Raymond Fung, Liu Guofu, Zhao Zhao and Chloe Ho, among others. A highly prestigious selection, work by these artists is currently held in leading museum collections around the world, including New York’s Metropolitan, London’s Tate Britain, Rome’s National Gallery of Modern Art and Hong Kong’s Palace Museum. 


The artist selection seamlessly fuses East and West, creating a cross cultural dialogue that foregrounds the beauty of landscape painting across time and place. What emerges to the fore is the way in which artists from all backgrounds are repeatedly drawn to the wonder and mystery of nature. Modern masters from European and Chinese traditions are presented together to create space for meditation on landscape as a realm of spirituality.


Installation Views