Unconfined Illumination

Chloe Ho
Soft cover

Publisher: 3812 Gallery.

Dimensions: 280 x 180 mm

pages: 103

There is beauty and artistic necessity in an unconfined illumination of expression. My vision floats unencumbered, as I present images to entice and engage the viewer.

My work reflects artistic traditions both East and West, but I also look to create something new with present and future meaning. Grounded in orthodoxy, I make what “is” into my “must be”. I paint with a sense of connection, past to present, representative to pure abstraction, reality to dreams, the possible to the impossible.

I believe the totality of an artist’s work is an ongoing image, a continued illumination of inspirations, influences and the id. Each work connects and continues the artist’s story in some way, but also captures innate truths about life, about beauty, about art itself.


This collection of paintings is my story of sorts. Whether in the ink and mixed media, expression of pure joy, blue colour and energy, Wellspring or in the deep rich Van Gogh inspired Midnight Bloomsit is my brush unconfined. I use the Chinese brush and paper with coffee and ink. I celebrate the connection between the human form and (Shan Shui) nature in Nature Embodied, Mount Olympia and In the Current. I weld Chinese inks to traditional canvas in Flourish. My ink and blue paint flows capturing my love of Klein, Bourgeois, Bacon, and Zhang Daqian. Works on fabric reflect traditions of wall hangings and tapestries, but with the intense colours and textures of a visceral experience. Drawings in ink capture intense moments of observation and a celebration of fellow beings in an increasingly complex and changing world. In the end, elements of my art float from piece to piece illuminating all. Please join me in the journey.


Chloe Ho, 2019

of 53