Nine Young Artists from the Royal College of Art
"YA! Young Art 2023" is a dynamic exhibition featuring nine young artists from the Royal College of Art. The showcase celebrates the innovative spirit and diverse perspectives of young artists who are redefining the landscape of contemporary art, and also demonstrates 3812 Gallery’s dedication to discovering and promoting emerging artists of the new generation. The exhibition opens on 24 November 2023 and runs through 15 February 2024, while an opening reception will be held on 24 November 2023 from 6 to 8 pm.
"YA! Young Art 2023" aims to show how the next generation of young artists is reshaping the landscape and trajectory of contemporary practice through a wide array of fresh ideas and techniques.
Dingyue Fan (b.1994 China) is a multidisciplinary artist who explores the depths of memory and emotion through various mediums. Themes of feminism, the subconscious, and the natural world intertwine in her thought-provoking artworks.
Elias Pena Salvador's (b.1992 Spain) paintings pay homage to the transcendent nature of everyday life through whimsical abstractions that capture the beauty of mundane activities and invite viewers to appreciate the magic within the ordinary.
Guto Morgan's (b.1991 Wales) composition and textural colour blocks offer a reevaluation of time and space, reflecting the chaos yet harmony derived from memories and experiences.
Jack Whitelock (b.1997 England) regards paintings as a reflection of the inner self, exploring personal experiences, emotions, and themes of loss, growth, and resilience.
Shangyu Cai's (b.1999 China) paintings forge a profound connection between humanity and the natural world with a masterful blend of vivid colours and unconventional tree imagery.
Inspired by the Chinese philosophy concept of Wuxing, or The Five Elements, Wenhai Ning's (b.1999 China) art delves into the natural world and incorporates organic materials such as soil and tree bark to evoke a spiritual connection and profound resonance with the environment.
Xinran Liu's (b.1998 China) internationally exhibited works translate personal moments into universally resonant art forms and graphical brushstrokes.
Yingqi Guan (b.1997 China), a talented jewellery and sculpture maker, merges traditional culture and contemporary art to craft narrative-driven works that explore identity, social issues, and self-consciousness.
Zearo (b.1996 Malaysia) explores relationships and entanglements between same-sex characters from an autobiographical perspective, creating a space where the emotional sentiments are not only visible but also approachable, to foster understanding and empathy.
The artists showcased in "YA! Young Art 2023" at 3812 Gallery come together to create a symphony of artistic expression, unveiling a captivating tapestry that transcends borders and cultures. Each artist brings their unique perspective and creative vision to exemplify the vibrancy and diversity of contemporary art.
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