Chen Qiu-lin, Chen Chun-hao, Liu Zhuo-quan, Ferhat Ozgur, Shi Jin-hua, Park Dae-cho
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Publisher: 3812 Contemporary Art Projects

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Time & Memory

Each of us Lives with time; it is the very measure of our lives, from our first breath to our last. Time is the most precious thing we have; we cannot own time; it is something we waste in our youth and try desperately to slow as we grow old. Memories define our time, transporting us back to certain moments as though time has stood still; time and memory reflect our own lives, the lives of those we love, and the societies we live within. This exhibition is a moment in time that we hope will leave you with memories that Linger from the creations of the artists.
The artists shown here have all captured time within their works; the present, the past, the future. Liu Zhou-quan's bottles capture time and memory in perhaps a romantic way; a letter cast into the vastness of an ocean to be washed ashore perhaps in another century, a message in a bottle that the finder discovers links him or her to a time and a memory foreign to them. Yet the discovery creates a new time and memory, the past becomes the present with a future yet to unfurl.

Each artist has uniquely interpreted their own use of Time & Memory, be it personal triumph or tragedy or a broader view of the world we live within; Park Dai-cho's haunting visions seen through the innocence of a child's eyes remind us of the danger of time and the removal of memories; yet the hope that radiates from the eyes comforts us that perhaps the future with its memories yet to be created is secure.

We each live within our time but we share a common history. Tragic events such as earthquakes and tsunamis and the colossal loss of life reach out across national boundaries, political and religious ideologies; the time of the catastrophe becomes a memory that unites us all. Hiroshi Sugimoto believes that photography is a time machine, a method of preserving and picturing memory and time. With a poignancy that reflects the greater tragedy of his nation; the political landscape that these artists work within represent the feelings of a nation within this time and create for us memories that will reflect long after the time, the politician and the moment have passed.

Mark Peaker
Partner & CEO
3812 Contemporary Art Projects

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