Forces Of Nature What Do You See?

Chloe Ho
Soft cover

Publisher: 3812 Contemporary Art Projects

Dimensions: 270 x 212 mm

pages: 33


To find words that capture the essence of Chloe Ho, one does not have to do anything more than spend a moment in her captivating company. Chloe is a rare creature, one that transcends culture, class and narrow-mindedness; traits I believe inherited from her upbringing at the hands of her glorious mother and man-hugging father; a family not afraid to hug has given Chloe the confidence to become an artist of formidable ability.

Born in 1987 in the sunshine state of America, Chloe has lived in Hong Kong since the age of five; studying painting under Joanne Vanin (Italo-Canadian artist) and had Susanna Blunt (Canadian portrait artist) as a mentor. She finished her studies at Mills College in California in 2010, and studied under Liu Hung (born 1948 Changchun, Jilin Province, China, Chinese-American contemporary artist) and Moira Roth (born 1933, American art historian and critic).


Chloe’s works capture her life, which has, and continues to be, lived with laughter, passion and sensuality. This exhibition is entitled ‘Forces of Nature – What Do You See’; yet when you see her remarkable works, I believe you will also feel; the connection of this artist to her brush and with the ink that layers rapturously upon the surface evokes more than one expects; it is as though we are being enticed by the artist to enter her secret world, a place where boundaries are blurred and reality is subjective; Chloe’s understanding of her Chinese culture harnesses the elements of san shui in her works but her own vitality and contemporary use of traditional skills brings her works into a new dimension; her infusion of coffee and her freedom with the brushstroke allows the ink to dilute into its own milieu; the naked human form captures the essence of nature, of our own vulnerability, our journey through the wilderness of life, emotions of happiness, loneliness, love, lust and loss; souls bared as they brave their own self discovery; human, animal, nature - the imagery is both physical yet comforting; drawing on the artists exploration of her own identity; inviting you to share her journey through a life being lived with desire.


I hope you enjoy ‘Forces of Nature – What Do You See’

Mark Peaker
Co-Founder and CEO
3812 Contemporary Art Projects

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