ART IN RESIDENCE- Boundless Imagery

Yu Yang
Soft cover

Publisher: 3812 Gallery

Dimensions: 266 x 197 mm

pages: 55
East and West Rendezvous


Home is like a museum of oneself, and we are all artists in our own way, arranging each corner that tells a story about our personality, habit, taste and belief. Home is also a sanctuary, the only place for us to relax and reflect after a hectic day in the urban space. Committed to giving home a deeper meaning other than merely a habitat and to enrich the quality and individuality of life, 3812 gallery and colourliving have joined hands to form "Art in Residence", an initiative to bring art into life by offering professional art consultancy services with the focus of harmoniously infusing contemporary Chinese aesthetics into modern Western design. With 3812 gallery's expertise in Chinese contemporary ink art and the state-of-the-art Italian designer furniture from B&B Italia, this crossover concept is the crossroad between East and West in the dimension of artistic contemporary living.

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