The Standard | Chasing the Sun

Running until April 9, Here Comes the Sun showcases over 20 acrylic and collage works across the late British artist Terry Frost's 50-year career.


The theme resonates with the sun symbol seen in the artist's paintings, inspired by the natural landscapes of St Ives, Cornwall, a county on England's rugged southwestern tip always flooded with sunlight. Gallery cofounder Calvin Hui, who gave the exhibition its Chinese title of "Ri Chu Dongfang," or "sunrise in the East," explained the name has layers of meaning for the artist, the gallery as well as Hong Kong.

The abstract hard-edge paintings contain traces of figurativism, with the coastline, sun, moon and glittering water, as well as boats and the female form, taking the form of free-floating color patches.



"Terry Frost's works are colorful and cheerful, giving a sense of hope, joy and infinite positive energy," Hui said. "His life is equally inspiring."


Frost went through some hard times during World War II, when he served in the Middle East and was captured. Being an abstract artist with seven children to support after the war was not easy, Hui said.


"Life's a bowl of cherries" - a quote reflecting this positive spirit - is printed on the gallery's wall. "Frost's works are refreshing, and the colors will give the audience a great deal of positivity and happiness," Hui said.




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