Digital Collaborative Installation: Henry Chu x Ma Desheng

The Upper House x 3812 Gallery

3812 Gallery is pleased to present a collaborative installation by Henry Chu and Ma Desheng on view at The Lawn, Upper House from 19th to 28th March, 2024. The sculpture is presented in tandem with Ma Desheng’s solo exhibition "Wish upon a Rock- Ma Desheng's Touring Solo Exhibition" at 3812 Gallery Hong Kong and London. The Hong Kong exhibition will run from March 11th to April 12th, 2024.


The presented sculpture probes into the coexistence of dichotomies. Chu uses data, music and body movements to create flowers, a symbol of growth and change, juxtaposing with the stoic and unchanging rocks by Ma. The work also weaved two artistic languages into one, integrating the traditional form of viewing with interactive digital installation. While embodying seemingly different qualities, the work presents a blissful harmony. Echoing Ma’s philosophy, "Art is a universal language shared by humanity. It should not be confined to Eastern or Western categorisations, which create a sense of division. Only through their fusion can a revitalised and enhanced artistic language emerge, much like the growth of plants."  


In the lobby of Pacific Place Apartments, three pieces from Ma Desheng's groundbreaking “Rock” series is also on view. This selection includes early works from the series, which Ma  initiated in 2002. The “Rock” series represents a significant milestone in his artistic career, symbolising his resilience and triumph over adversity. These works offer an exploration of form, texture, and emotional depth, inviting viewers to contemplate the artist's profound artistic journey.


Henry Chu is a Hong Kong–based digital artist, designer and programmer. His art has been exhibited in museums, including Museum of Modern Art, New York, M+ Museum, Hong Kong and a solo show at Hong Kong Museum of Art.


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