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Generations's Q&A with Calvin Hui, co-founder of 3812 Art Enterprise

'The world of Chinese contemporary art has grown tremendously over the past decade. No longer defined simply by the smiling faces of Yue Minjun, the genre today features a diverse range of multifaceted artists. Yet as with other industries, technology is starting to have a significant impact, transforming how art is appreciated, collected, shared and even created. With Chinese contemporary art gaining a wider audience, it is also drawing greater interest from investors, looking to diversify their investments through art. 

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Calvin Hui, co-founder of 3812 Art Enterprise and 3812 Gallery, to learn more about what one of the leading Asian contemporary art curators is up to and his thoughts on Chinese contemporary art and how he sees the genre developing in the future.'
- Generations


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18 September 2020
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