More than Ink: Chloe HO | Raymond FUNG | WANG Huangsheng | Victor WONG | YU Yang

23 January - 31 May 2020 Hong Kong, London

3812 Gallery is delighted to present a selection of artworks by Chinese contemporary ink artists Wang Huangsheng, Raymond Fung, Yu Yang, Chloe Ho and Victor Wong in More than Ink, parrallel exhibitions now at our London and Hong Kong galleries until 31st May 2020.


“More than Ink” was first conceived by Calvin Hui, Co-founder and Artistic Director of 3812 Gallery, in 2018 as part of the inauguration of Ink Now, the multi-faceted platform presenting the development of contemporary ink with the slogan “More than Art Fair, More than Ink”. Since 2011, 3812 Gallery has been committed to promoting Chinese contemporary art with a focus on ink. With the expansion from Hong Kong to London’s St. James’s district, 3812 Gallery is raising the global awareness of Chinese ink art and initiating academic exchange on an international level.


In the late 20th century and early 21st century, China underwent a tremendous transformation in its social, cultural and art history. Despite being the symbol of ancient Chinese culture, ink also had to face the alternation of language and cultural reconstruction, evolving from classical painting, gongbi (fine-line) painting, danqing (use of colour red and green), literati painting, Chinese painting, national painting and realist ink painting to such pursuits as modern ink, experimental ink and conceptual ink etc.


This exhibition More than Ink is focused on the investigation of the sociological phenomena in relation to the experimental process of the modernisation of ink, particularly emphasising its diversity and complexity. 

Installation Views