Hsiao Chin
“The Origin Art Archival Exhibition”

11.9 – 31.10/2017
3812 Gallery

Hsiao Chin, born in 1935 in Shanghai, is celebrated as the leading figure in the post-war development of Chinese abstract art. Since he went to Spain in 1956, he had been residing in the West for decades. Situated in the center of European arts and cultures, Hsiao Chin nevertheless strove to develop an artistic approach that finds its root in Chinese culture, and put forth his works based on the foundation of Eastern traditional philosophy and ideas. As the first Chinese artist advocated in infusing Eastern connotations and spiritualty in abstract art in Europe, Hsiao Chin’s contribution has undoubtedly left an important mark in art history. Ton-Fan Art Group, established in Taipei in 1957, and Punto Art Movement, initiated in Milan in 1961, were both co-founded by the artist. The formation of such not only helped define Hsiao’s vivid personal style, but also became influential to the development of modern abstract art in both Eastern and Western art scenes.

“The Origin- Hsiao Chin Art Archival Exhibition” features the precious historic archival materials and the prominent works of Hsiao Chin in the 1960s, narrating Hsiao Chin’s artistic ideology which has contributed to both the Eastern and Western art world, and revisiting his vital achievements in developing Chinese abstract art.

Hsiao Chin once said: “For me, the utmost important thing about painting is not the act of painting itself, but to explore the origin of one’s life, to record one’s feelings and experiences and to envision one’s future through the act of art-making.” Through his artworks, Hsiao Chin traces the oriental root by articulating Chinese philosophies and introspective artistic language, at the same time, the artist contemplates the spirit of life through his meditative brushstrokes and symbols. 3812 Gallery is honored to invite you to explore with us the master’s artistic journey.