Solo Exhibition

Hsiao Chin : The Colours of Ch’an

Painting Exhibition
Artist: Hsiao Chin
28.03 – 30.04/2019
3812 Hong Kong Gallery

“Ch’an influenced me so much that I decide to abandon Western rationality, seeing it as a restraint, and give full reign to my Asian intuition, so that I could enjoy full freedom in my creation of works and let my imagination free from any biases.” – Hsiao Chin

Thanks to the support of Hsiao Chin Foundation, 3812 Hong Kong is immensely proud to present “The Colours of Ch’an” Hsiao Chin painting exhibition at our gallery in Wyndham Street, Central, which is a parallel exhibition in the same title currently held at Musée national des Arts asiatiques-Guimet), featuring a collection of significant works created by Hsiao Chin throughout his career over the past 6 decades.

Exhibition in Musee Guimet lasts throughout 3 June, 2019;
the Parallel Exhibition in 3812 Hong Kong runs till 30 April, 2019.

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Ch’an and Hsiao Chin’s Artistic Journey

Exhibition catalogue

Les Couleurs du Zen: Peintures de Hsiao Chin

Exhibition Photos

Opening Reception