“Summer Show 2016”

till 31 August
3812 Gallery

“Summertime and the living is easy …” 

3812 Gallery’s summer show presents six Chinese contemporary artists, namely Hsiao Chin, Liu Guofu, Wang Huangsheng, Lin Guocheng, Chloe Ho and founding artist of emerging art group Cold Ink, Yu Yang.  The diversity of these artists represents the passion of long summer days, cool breezes along ocean shores and the tempest of summer storms.  From master artist Hsiao Chin who delivers his internationally renowned abstract works full of abundant colour and deep textures evoking the spiritual journey of his long and well traveled life.  Liu Guofu brings his amazing ability to radiate light from his uniquely applied oil built up layer upon layer to create an ethereal presence on canvases.  Respected contemporary ink artist Wang Huangsheng and rising talent Lin Guocheng captivate with their delicate flow of lines, seemingly unending as their brush and pen movements serenade the observer with an almost hypnotic magic.  Hong Kong artist Chloe Ho continues her summer journey with a medley of mixed media works that capture the sensitivity of an individual’s deepest emotions, hidden and awaiting discovery.  Cold Ink artist Yu Yang’s visual rhythm presents the viewer with a new perspective as he uses ink on Chinese xuan paper in a structural format.

We look forward to seeing you at 3812 Gallery to experience this summer of diversity.

蕭勤,《飛越永久的花園 – 19》, 布上壓克力 Hsiao Chin, ‘Flying over the Eternal Garden- 19’, Acrylic on canvas, 110 cm x 250 cm, 1998

蕭勤,《心靈的體現 – 33》, 布上壓克力 Hsiao Chin, ‘Samadhi – 33’, Acrylic on canvas, 60 cm x 40 cm, 1996

蕭勤,《哭-天安門25週年》, 布上壓克力 Hsiao Chin, ‘Cry – 25th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square’, Acrylic on canvas, 110 cm x 140 cm, 2014

蕭勤,《一個有力量的明天》, 布上壓克力 Hsiao Chin, ‘Tomorrow is a Day full of Energy’, Acrylic on canvas, 140 cm x 110 cm, 2014

林國成,《共生》, 鋼筆水墨、紙本 Lin Guocheng, ‘Symbiosis ‘, Pen and Chinese ink on paper, 113 cm x 128 cm, 2015

林國成,《格子與樹 (二)》, 鋼筆水墨、紙本 Lin Guocheng, ‘Grids and Tree (II)’, Pen and Chinese ink on paper, 115 cm x 220 cm, 2015

劉國夫,《彌漫 3》, 布面油彩 Liu Guofu, ‘Pervading – 3’, Oil on canvas, 120 cm x 90 cm, 2015

劉國夫,《敞 16》, 布面油彩 Liu Guofu, ‘Open Space No.16’, Oil on canvas, 93 cm x 165 cm, 2016

劉國夫,《敞 41》, 布面油彩 Liu Guofu, ‘Open Space No.41’, Oil on canvas, 120 cm x 90 cm, 2015

Wang Huangsheng 王璜生 | Moving Visions 140429 游象系列 140429, 140 x 140cm, Chinese ink on paper 水墨、纸本, 2014

王璜生,《遊.象 150405》, 水墨、紙本 Wang Huangsheng, ‘Moving Vision 150405’, Ink and colour on paper, 45 cm x 50 cm, 2015

王璜生,《遊.象 150405-2》, 水墨、紙本 Wang Huangsheng, ‘Moving Vision 150405-2’, Ink and colour on paper, 45 cm x 50 cm, 2015

王璜生,《遊.象 150408》, 水墨、紙本 Wang Huangsheng, ‘Moving Vision 150408’, Ink and colour on paper, 70 cm x 140 cm, 2015

于洋,《筆墨無用 – 紅與黑》, 紙本水墨,木 Yu Yang, ‘USELESS BRUSH & INK – Black and Red’, Chinese Ink on paper, wood, 150 cm x 150 cm , 2015

何鳳蓮,《愛德加》, 碳粉、紙本 Chloe Ho, ‘Edgar’, Charcoal on paper, 76.5 cm x 51 cm, 2012

何鳳蓮,《過去與現在》, 中國水墨、丙烯,紙本 Chloe Ho, ‘Past and Present’, Chinese ink and acrylic on paper, 150 cm x 100.8 cm, 2016

何鳳蓮,《認同》, 中國水墨、咖啡、紙本 Chloe Ho, ‘Recognition’, Chinese ink and coffee on rice paper, 129 cm x 73 cm, 2013

何鳳蓮,《人海》, 中國水墨、鋼筆、碳粉、紙本 Chloe Ho, ‘Sea of Faces’, Chinese ink, pen and charcoal on paper, 135.8 cm x 68.6 cm, 2013