Nanjing Art Fair International

Artist: LI LEI, Victor Wong
14 – 17,12/2019
Nanjing International Expo Centre

Li Lei, Calm Contemplation 23 – How Could I Not Reminisce Jiangnan 7, Acrylic on canvas, 70 x 60 cm (x2), 20

3812 Gallery presents a solo exhibition by Shanghai-based artist Li Lei on view at Nanjing Art Fair International from 14th to 17th December 2019.

In his poetic abstraction, Li Lei conveys his inner feelings through abstract images; in his paintings, no distinct forms can be identified. His brushstrokes lay out landscapes layer by layer, and, through the building of colour, he allows colour and brush reciprocity to reach a kind of tacit understanding, with no trace of conflict between them.

Li Lei’s diptych series

Calm Contemplation

The juxtaposition between the expressionistic composition with boldly contrasted colours and the expanse of meditative colour fields with subtle gradation creates tension between the emotional and the rational, and the material and the spiritual.

Li Lei, Calm Contemplation 6 – The Greenish River in Spring like Dyed by Bluegrass – Calm Contemplation 26, Acrylic on canvas, 150 x 100cm (x3)

Calvin Hui, 3812 Gallery Co-founder and Chairman, said “we are thrilled to present Li Lei in parallel exhibitions in London and Nanjing simultaneously. As an important addition to the roster of artists of 3812 Gallery, Li Lei will feature his masterpieces resonating with 3812 Gallery’s ethos of ‘Eastern Origin with Contemporary Expression’ in this exhibition.”

Victor Wong’s Big Palm
Also at the fair, 3812 Gallery will be exhibiting an installation entitled Big Palm by acclaimed “TECH-iNK” artist Victor Wong.

Wong studied Physics & Electrical Engineering, was exposed to the cultural climate in North America and graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle in 1989. Since early 90’s, he has been aware of his cultural vision in pioneering the emerging digital creative media and engaged with the exploration of new media and potential of art in the film industry.

In the inaugural INK NOW Taipei Art Expo in January 2019, Victor launched “Escapism”, a new series of “TECH-iNK” landscape paintings jointly created by himself through his new creation A.I.Gemini, which has become the world’s first artificial intelligence ink artist. His work has been widely acclaimed by the international collectors and media. In March 2019, Victor was also named “Martell Artist of the Year 2019” for his emphasis on innovation and inheritance in his passionate arts journey.