Lin Guocheng Solo Exhibition

Indefinite Order

19.9 – 15.12/2017
B&B Italia Hong Kong



Whether it is an instant or eternity, solid or fluid, there is no definite answer in my heart. Things are neither certain nor empty, which provides artists with a vast creative space where they experience moments of life and eternity in one picture, transcending the material world to cultivate the spirituality.

~ Lin Guocheng

While China and Italy both possess the longest history of traditions and cultures, this exhibition brings the spotlight on the contemporaneity of Chinese aesthetics and Italian design as they progress through the era of fleeting scientific and technological change.  By presenting a collection of artworks by the up-and-coming Beijing-based artist Lin Guocheng. punctuated with the elegant and innovative design of B&B Italia furniture, the exhibition invites guests to examine how modernity alters human’s perspective and relationship with nature.

The Fleeting Pace of Modernity and the Order of Nature

Fascinated by the law of nature and its intriguing relationship with the modern society, artist Lin Guocheng uses ink pen to painstakingly compose mysterious landscapes of intricate and interwoven lines to decipher the order of the universe and humanity. The collection of works visualises the enigmatic relationship among all things in the universe by discovering how Lin reimagines the “great landscapes” by ancient wisdoms through the lens of modernity.

The artist opens a dialogue that is at once philosophical and scientific to explore the physical world and beyond.  While scientific advancement has helped human understand the world with new visions and even change the order of nature, Lin believes that all beings in nature are interrelated, and there is an inexplicable force that governs the balance of the universe, the “Qi” in Chinese tradition.  He composes ever-growing landscapes with intricate curve lines that connect all things together, and integrates geometric shapes into the curvilinear structures to illustrate the interaction between modernity and nature.  Instead of observing the world solely from a scientific perspective, central to his art is the cultivation of spirituality when the society is increasingly programed to look for answers in science and technology.

Synchronising his pen with the pulse of nature and his instinct, Lin Guocheng allows the lines to flow spontaneously on paper to search for his path within the indefinite order of the universe, turning his artistic practice inward and “transcending the material world to cultivate the spirituality”.

Lin Guocheng, ‘Form and Current 201605’



林國成,《形與流 – 山海間》, 鋼筆水墨、紙本 Lin Guocheng, ‘Between the Mountain and the Sea’, Pen and Chinese ink on paper, 236 cm x 152 cm, 2016

林國成,《形與流 201605》, 鋼筆水墨、紙本 Lin Guocheng, ‘Form and Current 201605’, Pen and Chinese ink on paper, 152.5 cm x 72.5 cm, 2016

林國成,《騰》, 鋼筆水墨、紙本 Lin Guocheng, ‘Soar’, Pen and Chinese ink on paper, 98 cm x 66 cm, 2016

林國成,《半山形流》, 鋼筆水墨、紙本 Lin Guocheng, ‘Current Flowing in Half Mountain’, Pen and Chinese ink on paper, 66 cm x 100 cm, 2016

林國成,《崖樹(三)- 浪花》, 鋼筆水墨、紙本 Lin Guocheng, ‘Trees on the Cliff III – Spray of Wave’, Pen and Chinese ink on paper, 180 cm x 115 cm, 2015

林國成,《格子與樹 (二) 》, 鋼筆水墨、紙本 Lin Guocheng, ‘Grids and Tree II’, Pen and Chinese ink on paper, 115 cm x 220 cm, 2015

林國成,《共生》, 鋼筆水墨、紙本 Lin Guocheng, ‘Symbiosis’, Pen and Chinese ink on paper, 113 cm x 128 cm, 2015

林國成,《樹 No.1》, 鋼筆水墨、紙本 Lin Guocheng, ‘Tree No.1’, Pen and Chinese ink on paper, 26 cm x 36 cm, 2013

林國成,《樹 No.3》, 鋼筆水墨、紙本 Lin Guocheng, ‘Tree No.3’, Pen and Chinese ink on paper, 26 cm x 36 cm, 2013

林國成,《樹 No.4》, 鋼筆水墨、紙本 Lin Guocheng, ‘Tree No.4, Pen and Chinese ink on paper, 26 cm x 36 cm, 2013

林國成,《樹 No.2》, 鋼筆水墨、紙本 Lin Guocheng, ‘Tree No.2’, Pen and Chinese ink on paper, 26 cm x 36 cm, 2013