Solo Exhibition

Hsiao Chin Coming Home

Retrospective Exhibition

Artist: Hsiao Chin
16.03 – 2.05/2018
China Art Museum, Shanghai

China Art Museum, Shanghai;
Hsiao Chin International Art Foundation

3812 Gallery, Hong Kong

“It is the responsibility of a mindful creator to, when creating art, fully understand the self, to analyse their own personality, their traditional culture and spiritual instincts, to accept the challenge in life, and to finally explore their own path.”

Hsiao Chin

The China Art Museum Shanghai (Shanghai Art Museum) has been devoted to a systematic reviewing of the development of Chinese art. It strives to present the achievements and artistic styles in the development of the domestic art industry through its systematic collections, researches, exhibitions and academic programs in attempts to portray the magnificence of Chinese art. Mr. Hsiao Chin is an International Chinese abstract artist of the 20th century, his profound thoughts and exquisite artistic productions have attained outstanding achievements imbued with China’s traditional culture. Hsiao Chin was born in Shanghai but has been away from his hometown for the past six decades, the artist expressed “It is difficult to leave one’s hometown, just like a leaf must return to its roots as it falls.” China Art Museum Shanghai presents with grandeur Hsiao Chin’s Coming Home Exhibition in welcoming Hsiao Chin’s return to his hometown.

Mr. Hsiao Chin had previously participated in the joint exhibition of the Ton-Fan Art Group at the Shanghai Art Museum where his majestic and energetic paintings had left a deep impression with the audience. Mr. Hsiao Chin was also invited to participate and showcase his new works at the 2nd Shanghai Biennale, where the exhibition had also generated widespread recognition and resonance. The retrospective Coming Home exhibition marks the artist’s return to his hometown Shanghai, sharing an exquisite series of works with the Shanghai public from various stages of his artistic career that spans across more than sixty years.

Under the initiative of the Hsiao Chin International Art Foundation, artworks from various oeuvre of the artist will be donated to the China Art Museum Shanghai in the next five years as a contribution to society at large. The China Art Museum Shanghai and Hsiao Chin International Art Foundation will also be establishing a Hsiao Chin Art Research Project that promotes Chinese Modern Art through academic research.

Art is the flower of life, the ethereal beauty of the blossoming flower is akin to an unconditional devotion to the nation’s people.

We sincerely thank Mr. Hsiao Chin! We wish him good healthy, longevity and an endless fountain of creative inspirations.  

China Art Museum Shanghai (Shanghai Art Museum)

March 2018

Exhibition Photos

Opening Ceremony and Guest Preview