Crossover artist KIM ROBINSON’s solo exhibition

19.11 – 6.12.2015
3812 Gallery

G/F, 118 Queen’s Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Kim Robinson
Kim Robinson Portrait_by Chen Man

8 Kim Robinson_Tackle 2_200x120cm_Mixed Media on Canvas_2015==攻略二_200x120cm_綜合媒體、布面_2015《Tackle 2》, 120 x 200cm, Mixed media on canvas, 2015

Evocateur, solo exhibition by crossover artist Kim Robinson, will be held from 19th November to 6th December at 3812 Gallery, the unmissable icon of Queen’s Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong.

In his new exhibition, Evocateur, the artist and creative force Kim Robinson explores bold new themes and deeply personal inspirations with his eclectic, abstract realist style. Well known in Hong Kong as the foremost hair virtuoso, Kim has a mind that transcends the boundaries of creative endeavours. For over twenty years, Kim has explored the depths of his creativity through his connection to painting, and this exhibition is the result of over two years of multimedia work, using oils, acrylic and resins for layered, profoundly intricate artworks.

Kim started painting over two decades ago, initially as a personal endeavour to express the right message for his interior design projects. The private nature of his art is still very much expressed in the images that he creates. Art, subjective as it may be, depends on where it lives, and Kim paints as though he is creating images for himself and his own home.

Kim takes inspiration from life and its imperfections, to create soulful images that arrest you with emotion. In his eyes, the imperfections of anything, whether it is art, beauty or life, are what cause interest and reaction. He seeks to evoke reactions from anyone who sees his art – whether good or bad, all of his paintings evoke emotion.

Calvin Hui, Artistic Director of this exhibition said, “Kim Robinson chronicles a figurative and psychological devolution and evolution of identity through male forms. This collection of work by Kim, centering around the theme of “Evocateur” is meant to recall the moment when we are poised at the edge of wakefulness and moving through tenuous states of consciousness. This “evocative dream” reveals itself in multilayered surfaces: body, soul, desire and manifestations of life both familiar and alien. It is in the moment that we find new insights about ourselves, our identities and our cravings.”

《In the Shower》, 120 x 85cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2015

Even though he received no formal training, Kim embraces the lack of disciplines and rules that this has given him. There are no restrictions placed upon him when he paints; thus his opinions and feelings are clearly referred to the canvas and allowed to shine. Kim’s methods of painting are similarly unconventional and unusual, as he only paints when the inspiration strikes him. He tries not to think in a purposeful way when painting, and always remains close to the canvas, so ensuring that the image that forms is a natural flow through his body movements.

Kim Robinson stated, “As an artist, I can only claim to be a translator of my own experiences. In my work, I address sensuality where others may only see sexuality. My art can be said to be the product of a conceptive act and the embodiment of desire”. He added, “In a sense, I invite the viewer to share in a journey of liberation, of silent lust.”

The definite strokes of Kim’s artworks very much reflect his personality. He abhors mediocrity and abstruse elements. The boldness of his style has been a signature of Kim’s work since he started painting. His subject matter has evolved over the years, from a focus on expressive portraits in the earlier years, to a current emphasis on the male form. This uncommon subject works well with Kim’s personality, as he rejects conformity. The compositions in his paintings are notable for their dynamic and active forms, with strength through the self-assured brush strokes and colour placement. Kim’s work has also evolved through shades – whereas he worked almost exclusively with greys, blacks and neutrals, he is currently working with an ever-expanding palette, through a desire, as he says, to paint in a style that is true to himself.

《Red Hunk》, 100 x 75cm, Mixed media on linen, 2015

“Evocateur” represents the first exhibition project between Kim Robinson and 3812 Gallery. “Meeting Kim Robinson and discovering his work was transformative for all of us present”, Mark Peaker, Co-founder and CEO of 3812 Gallery added, “Evocateur represents Kim’s diverse artistic talent, renowned globally for his magnificent bouffant styles one was always aware of his creativity.  Having first glimpsed his paintings at his home I had known that Kim possessed a greater talent, something I have observed has grown over the years.  This exhibition represents his passion, his sensuality and the expected risqué nature of the man, yet it also invites the viewer into Kim’s more personal world, where vulnerability, love and family exist, albeit beneath the exterior bravado”