Do You Believe?

Contemporary Artists Group Show

Jason Brooks | Julian Lee | Li Wei | Xiang Yang

Curator: Calvin Hui

26 Nov (Sat) – 31 Jan (Tue), 2012
3812gallery | 10/F, 12 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong

Curatorial Statement

What are beliefs? The simple definition is that “a belief is an assumed truth” therefore everything, even this statement, is a belief. We create beliefs to anchor our understanding; once we have formed a belief, there is little chance this belief will ever be altered; yet how do we know that something is always true? Just because in our experience it has always been true, it doesn’t necessarily follow that it will continue to be true; belief can be changed. Belief is entangled within language; if there is a word for something we believe it exists; this is one reason why people from different countries have difficulty in understanding one another, as the beliefs they hold are built into the language and the culture.

Four participating artists of “Do You Believe?” Contemporary Artists Group Exhibition understand the belief of their own language and culture as embodied in their unique art pieces; true to their own traditions yet challenging the observers that beliefs are merely what they assume to be true and to confront them; belief can be changed.


Jason Brooks | Deep Stroke and Dark Submission

Xiang Yang | Floating Object

Xiang Yang | Here and There 1

Xiang Yang | Here and There

Li Wei | Hero-ICU

Jason Brooks | Jane a set of four portraits

Julian Lee | Painful Portraits

Li Wei | The Hollow Men

Event Photo

3812 Contemporary Art Project Founder and Curator Calvin Hui and guests

3812 Contemporary Art Project Founder and Curator Calvin Hui, Mr and Mrs Max Gottschalk

3812 Contemporary Art Project Partner and CEO Mark Peaker and art collectors

Artist Li Wei (left) and guests

Artist Xiang Yang was introducing his artwork Here and There to the Cultural Representatives of Consul General of France

Artists Jason Brooks, Julian Lee and Curator Calvin Hui

Collectors were appreciating Here and There by Xiang Yang at Do You Believe Exhibition opening

Mr Calvin Hui and Mr Kendrick Kwok

Mr Nick Taylor, Mrs Jane Gottschalk and Mr Jason Brooks