Biennial of the Lions

JUN – OCT 2014
City of Macau, MGM Art Space Macau

Calvin Hui


17 artists from China
15 artists from France
13 artists from Macau
3 artists from Hong Kong

Exclusively sponsored by MGM Macau and organized by the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, the Macao Museum of Art, the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau and La Biennale des Lions, the “Biennial of the Lions” is finally roaring to life with the unveiling of the 50 lion sculptures. Among these 50 lion sculptures, 19 are from China; 15 are from France, 13 are from Macau and 3 are from Hong Kong. As part of the jubilant arts festival, “Le French May”, this exhibition showcases the lion, an icon of MGM and the emblem of Lyon, as its central figure and presents 50 colorful, unique lion sculptures—dressed elaborately by 50 French and Chinese artists—which will be displayed all around the landmarks of Macau, the Macao Museum of Art and MGM MACAU.


Gao Xiaowu

Cai Zebin

Guo Qi

Guan Saimei

Kang Jing

Jin Shengjia

Li Wenfeng

Li Rui

Lin Guocheng

Lin Guocheng

Lin Qing

Liu Hejiao

Meng Zhigang

Ren Jing

Ni Youyu

Ren Jing

Su Jiaxi

Zhang Jinxi

Xun Guipin

Aurélie Moreau

Alexandrine Guérin & Yning Zhao

Catherine Faure

Denis Gaydier

Jean Fontaine

Hamid Tibouchi

Marianne Thiollier

Leïla Moumen

Marie Killy

Olivier Martinet

Poppy Arnold et Gaël Dod

Paul Bosland

Robert Paravy & Cécile Paravy-Vigliengo

Sylvie Bérard

Susmar Pinango de Meyssignac

Alliance Francaise de Macao

Alice Kokt

António Conceição Júnior

Aloyse de La Ronde & Niko de La Faye

tAlliance Francaise de MacaotAloyse de La Ronde & Niko de La FayetAntónio Conceição JúniortFortes Pakeong Sequeira

Fu Hong Society of Macau

Hong Wai

Macau Polytechnic Institute

Nick Tai

Nathalie Decoster

Special Olympics

Obra das Mães

Wong Ka Long (Coke)

Chloe Ho

Hong Kong Society For Education In Art (HKSEA)

Miguel Andre B. Santana